• Lpub4 Tips and Tricks LPub4 is a great tool, but has a lot of idiosyncrasies. Here are some I've learned. Bill of Materials (BOM) In Bill of Materials, you can set the size constraint to Area , then adjust...
  • Miscellaneous Clown with Balloon
  • Mindstorms NXC
  • Collaboration Read more about Great Ball Contraptions on BrickWiki. Attached is a handout that is suitable to give to the public at GBC exhibitions.
  • Jerseys I have created jerseys two ways. First using a tunic template I found on, second using decals. The tunic template is edited with graphics software, printed, cut out and folded over...
  • Great Ball Contraption
  • Technic Great Ball Contraption
  • Town Town is a LEGO theme.
  • NXC Not eXactly C Topics Threads PlaySound() is not thread safe. Keywords PlaySound is not thread safe. If you call it from more than one simultaneous task, some tasks may block. A workaround is to...
  • Donate If you'd like to help sponsor my LEGO projects, please contact me.

My Own Creations

  • Octan Tower Standard Full description at MOCPages. Additional files in Files section below.
  • Clown With Balloon Full description at MOCPages. Additional files in Files section below.
  • Classic Marble Pump This is my LEGO version of the classic marble pump. Inspiration is drawn from several builders. It's nothing special, because I intend it to be part of a larger model. This mechanism is a reliable way...
  • GBC Donahue This module was introduced at the GBC Workshop at Brickworld Chicago 2014. It uses less than 250 parts, follows the GBC standard, and is very reliable. What's a GBC? Files to build a GBC similar to...
  • Nativity In 2012 on a whim I decided to start a nativity set made from LEGO bricks. Then I decided to make a set for each of my nieces, nephews and children. And, inspired by a model camel I found online, I...
  • Wheel Lift 12x12 This is a Great Ball Contraption module. In action: Building Instructions: Instructions in PDF format can be downloaded from Green Ellipsis. See the description on MOCpages.
  • Train Module by Akiyuki The most friendly view of this is on MOCpages.
  • Climate Mitigation Dynamic Wedge Game Progress coal vertical conveyor Plan detail minifigs determine voting rubric build voting mechanism rebuild smoke See Files link, below.
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