Sony DVD Instructions

To Turn DVD Player On

  1. Point Sony remote at player and press [|/O]. Green light on top of player will light.

To Set to Wide Screen

  1. With DVD menu playing, press [OPTIONS].
  2. Press [ENTER] to select LCD MODE.
  3. Press [ENTER] to select LCD ASPECT.
  4. Arrow up/down to FULL, press [ENTER].
  5. Press [OPTIONS] to exit.

To Make DVD Play Continually

  1. Press [Play >] to start DVD playing.
  2. Wait for it to start playing.
  3. Press [DISPLAY]].
  4. Arrow down to [REPEAT] (it's hard to see).
  5. Press [ENTER] to select REPEAT.
  6. Arrow up/down to ALL (shown with a looping arrow).
  7. Press [ENTER] to select.
  8. Press [DISPLAY] to exit.
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